Norristown Arts Hill
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    About Norristown Arts Hill:

Mission Statement- The mission of Norristown Arts Council is to develop, promote and sustain Norristown Arts Hill as a culturally and economically vibrant community and destination by attracting and supporting existing and new artists, cultural organizations, and related creative businesses that will directly contribute to the economic revitalization of the Municipality.

Hundreds of cities across America have proved time and again that the introduction of the Arts is one of the best tools for economic revitalization and is often the only way to attract new people, new jobs, and new residents to an area. The Montgomery County Cultural Center, Center Theatre, Iron Age Theatre Company, and more recently, Theatre Horizon, are Norristown’s cultural pioneers. Their success depends on the active participation of residents, businesses, and patrons.
One way to encourage participation, and the commerce that goes with it, is by creating a destination with an identity. The Norristown Arts Hill Arts and Cultural District, in downtown Norristown, hopes to become such a place. A key step in Norristown Arts Hill’s birth was the acquisition of the Business Volunteers for the Arts grant in the Fall of 2009. This grant provided the funds necessary to study the idea of nurturing the Arts along Dekalb Street. Building on solid leadership from the Municipality of Norristown and guidance from the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, a stakeholder group (Norristown Arts Council) was formed in which members began to define the character, extent, and goals of the an arts district for Norristown.
    The goal is simple: Provide and promote a suitable place for artists (and others) to live and work, for patrons to visit and have a good time, and for shop owners to provide the goods and services that make it all happen.
Combine these elements with the Municipality’s abundant locations for housing, historic buildings, and public transit; and before you know it, downtown Norristown will again become the regional destination it once was. The members of the Norristown Arts Council’s Executive Committee, with the help of patrons, residents, businesses, visitors and artists, aim to craft Norristown Arts Hill’s success from the dream of what Norristown can be – for itself and the people of Central Montgomery County. By building on the region’s strengths, we expect to help revitalize the County seat, provide a little fun, and improve people’s lives in the process.
    Norristown Art's Hill logo was created by Nicole Elizabeth Acker of NEA Design.